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Songve pen Kadom Terangpi karjap dun

UntitledDiphu, Aru 17: BJP High Command atum pen song aticket kipi pameme det ajok prekjam adim along ticket kehang dun abangphu bangphi atum ning-oi chepaklang rinti lo. Lasonsi, 22 no. Sarupathar Constituency angkang  alongta Kadom Terangpi pen BJP aticket hang dun lo, seta, song aticket kelongle det ajok alangli phan ningkachethe vik arat atum independent pen sitame parjap dunji aphan chesik chedang bomlo pusi hadak arat atum pherangke aphan birta nangpale.
Jongsi, BJP asong pen Kadom Terangpi aphan ticket pi pu asonte 22 no. Sarupathar constituency alongke BJP asongsi haivekpo. Seta, BJP High Command atum keklem kechokche det ajok Kadom Terangpi saijokje pen songve mate Independent pensi parjap dunpo pusi hadak arat atum pen birta nangpi. Athe, Kadom Terangpi along ongdung kacherap dunji arat atum kachisik do. Lasi, 22 no. Sarupathar constituency alongke Kadom Terangpi si haivek po puta pherangke aphan birta nangpale.

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