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Social media kirim thekthe atum aphan sorkar ke-ot pasopo

Guwahati, Aru 18: Paribartan lapen kelangchari pameka pen sorkar chariji pu alamchak chipisi Dispur anghoi kangni Sarbananda Sonowal BJP kapajirpo a sorkar ningkan isi plengple aprang aronre asai klemsi kapachethang birta alo lapen news channel  atum aphuthak Assam chief secretary VK Pipersenia ahin pen sodak ahokum kipi dolo.  Klempar asong atum abirta jongsi pangdak pulote halabangso abirta alo lapen news channel a pherangke, editor lapen ahemphu atum aphan kenep kangnangji aphan chief secretary ahin pen police atum aphan hokum pilo. Laso ahokum kipi alam aphuthak State arlo ning kangsamse kachepaklang angbong non ephongke Sarbanada Sonowal kechari a sorkar atum social media aphuthak ta sodak asai denglo. Social medei along kapangdak asitin aphuthak kelang kepangching dun pamekaji aphansi Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal ahin pen chief secretary pen DGP atum aphan hokum pi. Face book, tauter, instagram lapen kaprek kaprek social media along jongsi komane abangphu abangphi atum a-ot-e alam mate amo kevangve alam heihui ketok pachethang thap pen hamphang along hur kapacho meme mate soluk sodak kapadoji meme ketok atum aphan sodak kangsaiji aphanta Chief Minister hokum pi. Aru niphai 17 arni arnikangsam apor Janata Bhavan Chief Minister conference hall along home department atum angbong kangni amai ahutsi Chief Minister Sonowal laso ahokum pi. Laso amai alongsi social media aphuthak klardak pen chingvai lapen kelang kepangchingji aphanta hokum pilo.

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