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Kasang Terangpi aphan karcho mai kangni

UntitledDiphu, Aru 18: Pini arnikangsam porphai 1 apor malom Balipathar MCC asaihem along Sarupathar constituency angkang Congress klembangphu bangphi atum Kasang Terangpi aphan kangthum karne lapen karcho amai deng.
Bangso amai along PCC, PMCC, Youth Congress, NSUI, MMCC atum pen chenglok ongdung song klem bangphu lapen bangphi atum ning cheparong si pini Sarupathar Congress Committee asaihem along Kasang Terangpi aphan ning a klong pen archo. Labangso amai along kachetong dun MCC dun meiphu Borson Ronghang, MCC chunbang Moniram Teron, MMCC ameiphi Jelina Teronpi, chunbang Sarika Terangpi, Mohan Teron, Dilip Bey, Waisong Rongphar atum pen chenglok penang an kethe keding atum chetong dunsi pini Kasang Terangpi aphan karcho amai along ardi pidun.

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