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Dinesh Timung aphan songve pen kaparjap dun

Diphu, Aru 18: BJP high command atum non kevangji KAAC anghoi kilik along song a ticket kipi ahok kave pura prekjam a constituency arlo along anta hur kecho atemon ingdang lo. Lasi, ningkachethe kave ajoine songve pensi karjap dunji aphan chesik chedang rinti. Lasonsi, pini no. 12 Phuloni constituency apharman alongta Dorsing Ronghang aphan ningkachethe kavedet ajoine ongdung BJP klembang arat atum song arpu pen che-oh si aning kehang ateng Dinesh Timung aphansi songve pen parjap dunpo pusi chepaklang.
Phuloni BJP klembang arat aning kehang ateng pen High Command atum kapapleng pipe det ajoksi pini Phuloni along angton BJP Local Committee atum methang-methang arpu pen che-oh si Dinesh Timung pen chingvai chingsaisi alangliphan songve pen parjap dunpo lapen Aru 19 arni nomination aloh pajok dunji aphan chesik chedang lo. Pinpurme, Dinesh Timung BJP asong along inut kachepaduk nai lapen klemsar angbong abarim nai abangphu lo. Lasonsi, alanglita Phuloni a constituency along inut BJP a ticket kelong vek nangji abangphu lo. Seta, ticket kehang along tangka kethok move det ajok song a ticket pithek thedet lo. Lasi, BJP atum kechopanglim pen kejokvan a government kaselamji pura ticket kehang along anta tangka kehangsi pathe rong pusi ning kipung arat atum akoi van.
Phuloni constituency apharman along jongsi, neli haidet pulote Phuloni arat akisung pen chenglok ason ason kachingthur asai amo rat aning kehang ateng papleng piji pusi Dinesh Timung pen lamchak chipi. Lasi, Phuloni along kedo arat kedo-an kacherap chetoji aphan Timung asangho pen choningri alamthe chepaklang.

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