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Arjun Maini henlo GP3 race along India pen kehaidun cheng

UntitledBarcelona, Aru 18: India adet pen Jenzer Motorsports Indian driver Arjun Maini henlo GP3 race kachingbai along kehai dun cheng. JK racing pen TVS atum kerap dun pen Arjun Maini Catalunya along kapado GP3 series chepahai dunsi Driver Championships along kethom angdeng an kachepahai dun. India pen GP3 race kachingbai ahin ke Arjun Maini henlo kehai duncheng pusi pangthek.
JK Racing, TVS Motorsports atum akerap pen HAAS F1 Development Programme along nang kepon aphuthak chorolo pusi Arjun Maini kaningje.
Puthot Jakhong achiklosi Austria Red Bull Ring along GP3 series pangcheng thupo.

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