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AGP atum KAAC kilik kachedan dunji aphan amen kapangdak

UntitledDiphu, Aru 18: Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) anghoi kilik along Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) asong penta anghoi tin along kachedan dunji aphan amen kapangdak tanglo.
KAAC kilik along AGP asong KAAC kaparlo Constituency 26 kacherai dun long etji aphan pura pini constituency 24 apharman mesen abangphu-phi atum aphan ingvaisi amen pangdak lo. Laso ateng no.3 Chinthong constituency pen Lansing Bey, no.4 Socheng constituency pen Horen Ingleng, no. 7 Kapili constituency along Dhansing Dera, no. 8 Hamren constituency pen Dilip Rongphar, no. 9 Amreng constituency pen Dhansing Rongpi, no. 10 Howraghat constituency pen Mohit Hazarika, no. 12 Phuloni constituency pen Bidyasing Rongpi, no. 14 Korkanthi constituency pen Rupsing Bey, no. 15 Mahamaya constituency pen Sukursing Teron, no. 16 Nomati constituency pen Dinesh Teron, no. 17 Socheng Dhenta constituency pen Chandrasing Ingti, no. 18 Lumbajong constituency pen Ratul Teron, no. 19 Dhansiri constituency pen Bhupen Hashnu, no. 22  Sarupathar constituency pen Lowrence Ingti, no. 24 Deopani pen Prahallad Boisa, no. 25 Nilip constituency pen Daniel Timung, no. 26 Duarbagori constituency pen Mercy Tokbipi atum aphansi ingvai lo pusi State AGP ameiphu Atul Bora pen pangdak.
Pinpurme, Dhansiri along ason atum BJP pen Bhupen Hasnu aphan ticket det pen Prodip Difusa aphan kipirong ajoine hur chodutsi kekhamkhe hangjo thek longlo. Lasi non apor alangli AGP pen kilik kachedan dun ahut seta ongdung arat atum alangli long kacherap kacheto dunji angring dokok lo.

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