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Actress barim Reema Lagoo chevoi etlo

UntitledMumbai, Aru 18: Actress barim Reema Logo arta 59 ahut an si arong chevoi jui lo. Kokilaben Hospital alongsi aning ketong akeso seh chelang bom ahut jirlo 3:15 apor malom si arong kachevoi pusi Hospital Executive Director Ram Narain kethan.
Reema Lagoo alang High School asatlang undet pen Bollywood lamarjan lapen TV serials along cheparjan dun lo. Laggo a-osa pen kethan ke anarlo porphai 1:00 malom Reema men-men aning keso pu kachethan pen Hospital pon phit lo seta aning ketong thip akeso pensi aningve apor chevoi jui lo pusi kethan.
Reema Laggo etum angbong ave tanglo puke madu ta manghu phrong asonsi kacheman. Director Mahesh Bhatt, Madhur Bhandarker, actor Rishi Kapoor, Riteish Desmukh, Abhishekh Bacchhan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor atum pen ningduk kachepaklang si chikimo dun.

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