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777888999 a number pen phone nangle seta phone ingbop be

New Delhi, Aru 17: 777888999 a number pen call nangle sita phone ingbop be lapen monit apran en-e. Non malom social media website Whats App lapen Facebook along 777888999 a number pen call nangle lote deng dun nangne phone ingbop det lapen monit apran dam jui titi pusi chethangphlup lo. Bangso a number pen phone nangle pulote kedeng dunde detji aphansi message, True caller pen amethang nang chethan pondet po lasonsi chethan-chethan pen det arlo chethang phlup lo. Bonta laso alam jongjung social media along kapachethang thap pusi kethan. Athe number sirkep kedo aphone number ke India along ave lahai a number foreign adet alongsi do chot lapen jongsi call nang le rok pute call receive dun pen konat pensi nang kelo ma hadak adet code number ta nang cheklang dak po pusi than pachetak.

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