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OIL pen State govt. angbong lamdon kachetok

Kamakhya adovan asanchom kapachingthurji aphan sika 25 crore padampo

GUWAHATI, Aru 16: Assam State arlo tourism ahin kapachingthurji aphan pini Oil India limited pen State government angbong lamdon chetok. Kamakhya akumlin asanchom malom abolon kapado thekji aphan mate kapachingthurji aphansi laso alamdon chetoklo. Tourism minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma kapatirpi pini laso alamdon kachetok ateng pen Kamakhya akumlin asanchom kapachingthurji aphan sika 25 crore padampo. Laso atangka Oil India limited atumsi khorot po. Lapuson kapachingthur asai kedengji along kaparlo ponke, 131.34 lakh Bhubeneswar akumlin along  osomar atum kijui adim kaselamji aphan sika 131.34 lakh, Chandravati alangteng kapalangmeji aphan sika 350.24 lakh, Se kelang ahem kapachingthur pen pen Kamakhya police station parking adim kapachingthurji aphan sika 443.88 lakh, Kamakhaya akumlin kilut atovar along kedo parking, enforcement centre lapen nordong heihui kaselamji aphan sika 181.78 lakh, Kamakhya akumlin kilut atovar kapalangmeji aphan sika 91.15 lakh, Prasanti lodge, Bagala mandir lapen Bhubeneswar mandir parking adim kapachingthurji aphan sika 301.40 lakh, Kali mandir kivurput Mekhela Ujuwa atovar pen Bahgala mandir kacheplat atovar arei dangni agari kasang athai kapachingthurji aphan sika 87.89 lakh, Inglong aber pen Kamakhya akumlin an kacheleng atovar ari kijun alang lapen rat kesang adim kaselamji aphan sika 152.32 lakh khortpo lasonsi kaprek kaprek asai angdeng along khorotpo.
Pini Assam Secretariat along kachingvai amai kangni ahut Assam sorkar ahin pen deputy secretary RC Jain pen Oil India limited a company manager BK Mishra angbongsi laso alamdon chetoklo. Laso kachetok atengsi prapjin pen kechengsi apharman sika 20 crore Oil India limited atum nanglopo . Lahai kachingthur asai keklemji along Oil India Company atumsi ningkan pho anke kaselamthuprui lapen kelangchari kadokave akhorot cheparpu po.  

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