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Dibrugarh along menghapa kenep

Dibrugarh, Aru 16: Urmi arni Dibrugarh alongri Tinkhong ahavar Maigaon arong along pham ketot pen menghapa chingnang chek. Kethan atengke bangso ahavar along ejon abongkrui kapadosojo ajok kachepajokji aphan rong asor atum chingvai si pham tot lo seta bongkrui alar menghapa si chedan rong pusi adung arei arat atum kethan. Aphithu Rajgarh Police Station along pondetsi Forest saikhi arideng hodai dam. Pham kachingnang ahut areng keso ajok veterinary abitung atum seh lang bom lang. Me det aphisi Jeypore Reserve Forest arlo lo dam thu po pusi forest saiphu kethan.

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