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Kapajirpo asong angbong kachetonte pu alam ahok kali: Ranjit Kumar Das

Guwahati, Aru 15: BJP tiri chari atum ahukum ateng pen detpi arlo kapangcheng Pandit Deendayal Upaydhya Karyabistar Yojana Abhiyan Assam alongta chenglo. Kedamtang Aru 1 arni pen nangkeleji Aru 25 arni an laso Abhiyan asai State arlo kadokave booth alongta klem bomlo. Bang 6000 sose klembang atum booth heihui along song kapangtangji aphan anparta central pen state atum kapachingturji aphan kedeng a scheme heihui rat anglum kapachethang lapen lahai a scheme pen rat atum ale kelongji aphan kaprek kaprek asai cheparidenglo. Amethang a district pen akaprek a district along damsi booth centre heihui along kapachethang dam atum laso arpu denglo. State a meiphu pen danglok song along kadokave asongja, Minister, MLA, District Mondol Committee lapen kadokave klembang atum methang methang constituency booth avaikang along laso asai kedeng along cherap dunlo. Song ingtanglo pulote kevangji arni jongsi akaprek asong pen pajirpo pulote laso along aleke halaso kapajirpo asong atumsi ale longpo. Halapu kapajirpo asong ingtanglo pulote netum asongta ale dopo. Lasi laso along kedamtang penang an arni pen kaprek kaprek birta alo malom kapajirpo asong atum pen kachetonte kachi-un eh pu kapachethang lake ahok kali pusi State BJP a meiphu Ranjit Kumar Das pachetak aloh pen paklar.

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