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Langhin along Karbi Anglong ratchari atum ajakong ave

Diphu, Aru 10: Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council kaparlo kado kave MAC 26 do, laso angbong pen Langhin MAC Constituency along ke Karbi Anglong ratchari atum thangta pinkhat un-eh lapen aning kehang aling abidi (policy) klem un-eh.
Langhin along Karbi pen apar boro akhei atum armu ke-ong munak ajoine kedamtang ningkan ko-an pen lone seta laso a constituency along Karbi pen akaprek akhei atumsi kilik chepahai bom lo. Lason ahut ajat akilik ahut seta Karbi Anglong arlo kedo ratchari atum ajakong ave det asonsi thek long. Ladak jasemetpet Boro akhei kechan munak ajoine BTC along kedo prong Boro asongja atum aning kehang atengsi nang klem lo.
Pinpurme, kedamtang aphongtin kilik ahut seta BTAD along kedo asongja atum kapinkhat atengsi Langhin along kedo Boro a vote jok lo. KAAC a constituency puvoiphit seta Bodoland pensi ladak bidi nang klem lo.
Non kevangji MAC kilik ahutta Langhin along Bodoland pen bidi nang keklem dunji aphan kabor-i dotang lo pusi birta long.
Aphong a kilik ahut ason thakthaksi Bodoland asongja kangvai abangphu aphansi ladak kedo a Bodo atumta vote kejokji angring do puta birta long.
Pinpurme, Bodoland pen ladak langhin along aning kehang abidi nang keklem lapen Karbi Anglong aratchari atum ajakong kave det ajoine Langhin MAC Constituency along kedo ongdung Karbi atum kachingthur avarsai long dunde det khangjang asonsi dokok lo.
Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council kaparlo Langhin Constituency along kedo Karbi aphan kapachingthurji aphan non aphong MAC kilik ahut ratchari asong tin atum penta Karbi aphansi ticket pinangji pusi Langhin Constituency angkang kedo arat atum hang.

2 Responses to Langhin along Karbi Anglong ratchari atum ajakong ave

  • ahok pet lo karbi aphan c p vek ng g kali te karbi k ki ver lo. karbi aphan c p vek ng g

  • KAAC kja atum lahai Alam thang ta kamatha Ave la c ili ove kimi atum Koson pen c labangso akesung pen chepajok thek g ma chingrumpet pen khei hijan cherap cheto ngpo ..kalite ksung thetan chetong bom po..!

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