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CEM aphan MAC atum EM kehang kapasik

PWD, Irrigation, Agriculture, P.H.E arpu aphan MAC atum arpong turlok kehang

Diphu: 11 angdeng Karbi Anglong 1Autonomous Council  akesung isi pen isi klangbom lang. Joyram Ingleng CEM dengdet aphi puthot EM arpu alam pen akesung do lelo. Akeban a MAC lapen a kimi a MAC atumta ‘Department’ akeme-keme kehang phrang ajok CEM Joyram Ingleng kamatha chepardi-i lo. MAC atum aning kedok  arpu kachepalong ji aphan Joyram Ingleng, Minister Khorsing Ingti lapen M.P Birensing Ingti atum aphan kekot padolo. Congress a MAC pangumpet bang 15 do. Bang 15 angbong Rupsing Teron Chairman lapen Joyram Ingleng CEM arpu dengdet aphi MAC bang 13 do lang. EM anghoi 14 do. Bang 13 a MAC atum arpu chebak det sita EM anghoi akele isi dolang. Prodip Singnar lapen Dhonsing Kro banghini aphan ta puthot Congress ahem along kachevan thuji aphan MP Ingti pen non hetjong pachetak tanglo. Pining Congress a MAC atum kopai keme pusi kachepu, athe EM aphan kaminta nang ason ave. Kamita nang ke ‘department’ akeme aphan anchot lo. Sum Ronghang, Kuntila Ronghangpi, Hemari Teron lapen Sing Teron kilik along kerem kapar-e ajok PHE, Handloom & Taxtile, Forest lapen Irrigation heihui jokvan si dolo. La kejokvan a department aphan akimi lapen akeban a MAC atum ta kehang abachu bachu padolo. Ashok Teron Agriculture, Tuliram Ronghang Education, Prodip Rongpi Irrigation, Raton Ingti PWD, Bidyasing Rongpi Education, Bhubon Ch. Terang aphrang arpu Medical kehang padolo. Dhonsing Kro aphan a-ok apran pen ajoine EM arpu pipe det ta thek seta Prodip Singnar aphan Deputy Chairman arpu kepekji alam do.  Nominated a MAC bangphli angbong inut aphan EM keponji angring ta klang. Hithi erui angbong  CEM Ingleng MAC atum aphan E.M arpu pajir ponpo. CEM komat aphan kopi a ‘Department’ arpu kapajir pensi EM atum aphan aning pangsam thekjima thekthejima lake mo E.M atum aphan arpu det aphi si pu thekji. Kachinji alam- 10 angdeng Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Joyram Ingleng CEM kecho ahut ningkan hini angbong pen E.M angbong batai 13 arpu kelar tot pensi CEM amo chepaplenglo.

2 Responses to CEM aphan MAC atum EM kehang kapasik

  • Ahok penta kopai mepik lo congress a MAC tum ke. Bonta la ajahak cong a MAC tangka ajakong pen chepahai atum ke la election ahut kevar atangka an a double chelongle tik k rat akam klemkle lo.
    EM arpu ta dorphlup tangdet ke aning ingthir set pen oppostion MAC pen inut bak aphan ke EM pek te! Horen Sing Bey, Kangjang Terang, Jagat sing Engti tum pen inut aphan ke pime mati. Bonta pipe lo. Power chithi jokphlot enke dorphlup tangdet ke ex UPDS a MAC tum phan peace accord kachetokthek aputhak EM pime mati.

  • Ya .. it was really that rulling goverment Congress was very much lucky… that they have got the chance once..again to rule.. and get more time to make the public fool again.. But may be every one knows that the rulling congress government was the most corrupted party so far as… but unfortunately for the UPDS.. they have worked hard for the benifit of the Karbi People…but atleast they should give some post for the UPDS…. That y.. now a days money can talk… anyway heads off to you UPDS… for your endless effort.. hopeing best from you for the benefits of the karbi people… but lastly don’t lose your grip on those congress MAC n CEM…. teach them a good lesson… people of wake up… still time is there.. but there was saying “Meat has Given to the Toothless Tiger”.. now MOS has brought.. but who will implement it.. either Congress CEM,MAC or UPDS…????

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